How does the Log Splitter Function?

electric log splitter work

A anaconda log splitter is a tool that is used primarily for the chopping of firewood from either hardwood or softwood logs which have been previously cut into sections or rounds. The log splitters usually comprise of an electrical or hydraulic rod and piston assembly. These are often rated on the basis of the tons of force that these are capable of generating. The greater the force rating, then the greater will be the length or thickness of the rounds of wood that can be split. Log splitters are usually of a medium height and weight and are not too difficult to use.

Most of the log splitter models in the market that are meant for home or personal use have a capacity of 10 tons. However, the professional hydraulic log splitters are capable of generating a force of as much as 30 tons in order to split logwood. There are manual log splitters as well that make use of mechanical leverage in order to force logs through sharpened blade assemblies, and a corkscrew or screw is driven directly from the power take off shaft of an agricultural tractor, where the log splitter is mounted over a three point linkage.

A log splitter is capable of being powered by electricity or by a hydraulic pump. It can also be powered by gas or petrol. The non electrical log splitter versions, like the gas log splitter for instance, may be used in outdoor spaces and remote locations. Certain log splitter models come with attachments that keep all the wood that is split from falling onto the ground. The log splitter can definitely save you time and energy when it comes to the splitting of logs, but it needs to be used with a great deal of care for reasonsĀ  of safety.